Advanced Diploma in Business

HP7D 48 : Business: Graded Unit 2

Course Description

This 2-credit Unit will provide evidence that students have met the aims of the Group Award.

It will be assessed by a project investigation. The project involves the investigation of a business issue and the assessment of its implications for a business or a number of businesses.

The purpose of this Unit is to enable students to draw information from across a number of Units to solve a range of business problems. Students will consolidate their understanding of mandatory Units and develop problem solving and analytical skills, as well as learning to apply their knowledge to new situations. This is designed to enhance students’ ability to apply what they have learned to broader, more dynamic real-life situations. 

Achievement of the unit is graded A, B or C. The pass mark is 50%.

Full Details:

Graded Unit 2 is a project investigation to be completed on an open-book basis over a period of time.

This Unit covers the integration of a range of knowledge and skills achieved throughout selected Units of the SQA Advanced Diploma:

HP7K 47      Business Accounting

HP70 48      Preparing Financial Forecasts

HP6T 47      Economic Issues: An Introduction

HP6P 48      Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application

HP72 48      Economics 2: The World Economy

HP6N 47      Marketing: An Introduction

HP71 47      Managing People and Organisations

HP6R 48      Business Culture and Strategy

HP7A 48      Information and Communication Technology in Business

HP6L 47      Information Technology: Applications Software 1

HP78 47      IT in Business: Spreadsheets

HP75 47      Communication: Business Communication

J1E5 48       Behavioural Skills for Business

HP6Y 47      Business Law: An Introduction

HP6X 47      Business Contractual Relationships

HP6V 48      Statistics for Business

In addition to the integration of knowledge and skills needed to complete the project investigation, students will develop their skills in planning, negotiation, research, analysis, time management and problem solving. The Core Skill of Problem Solving at SCQF level 6 is embedded and therefore automatically certificated on successful completion of the Unit.