Advanced Diploma in Business

HP77 47 : Continuous Workforce Development

Course Description

This 2-credit unit has four outcomes and the main purpose of the unit is to provide knowledge and understanding of how organisations identify and implement the training and development of their employees for the benefit of the organisation. In particular, this Unit will develop students ability to undertake independent research, produce a training strategy for an organisation, design a training programme and explain how to implement the practice of continuous development of employees within an organisation.

Outcome 1 will expect students to undertake some independent and group research into the concept of continuous development and what the benefits for the organisation will be if they decide to implement this practice for their employees. Their research will involve finding out the latest theories on this subject of continuous workforce development.

Outcome 2 focuses on how to produce a training and development strategy based on a case study of a fictitious organisation. Students will learn how to identify training and development needs of individuals, groups and organisations as a whole and how they link to the short and longer term aims of the business objectives. They should be facilitated and encouraged to make recommendations about how the organisation can fulfil their training and development goals. Research to find out more about the role of the skills development agencies supported by the Scottish Government and the implications for training within the organisation will be carried out.

Outcome 3 focuses on how to design and produce a training programme of a specified length making sure aims, objectives and a rationale for the training are stated. Students will then think about how to make the actual training an interesting, informative and engaging experience for the participants by choosing participative and learner-centred approaches.

Outcome 4 will expect students now to plan an Evaluation Strategy in order to gather reliable and measurable information about the training programme designed in Outcome 3.

They will be encouraged to think about how they can find out if the training programme designed in Outcome 3 has been successful. Who would be asked, what will be used to find out the information about the value of the programme for the candidates and also the organisation.

Research of learning and evaluation theories will be used to support the design of appropriate evaluation tools.

Over all four Outcomes open-book assessment will be used, giving the students time to undertake their own research. They will develop their written communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills by analysing issues and devising and recommending appropriate solutions. They may also develop oral communication skills through group discussion with fellow students. They will be encouraged to present ideas and complex information to others as well as listening to and understanding others’ responses. Through research for information and production of evidence for all the Outcomes, they will develop their ICT skills.