Advanced Diploma in Business

HP79 48 : Presentation Skills

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit is designed to develop the skills required for the advanced use of presentation software, including a range of multi-media and to apply these skills to deliver effective presentations. 

There are three Outcomes.

Outcome 1 — students are required to plan and explain the key components of making a successful presentation .

Outcome 2 — students are required to prepare a screen-based presentation on an agreed topic. 

Outcome 3 — students are required to deliver and evaluate a screen-based presentation.

Assessment should be undertaken in open-book conditions. This could be carried out using a holistic assessment that covers all Outcomes. This approach is likely to be the most valid and meaningful experience for learners, as the entire assessment can be built around a single presentation based on a task/subject of their own choice, either related to the Group Award or their own personal interest. Linking the assessment to other unit(s) within the Group Award may offer opportunities to integrate assessment.

Alternatively Outcome 1 could be assessed using a case study where learners provide recommendations based on the case study scenario. It is envisaged that the same presentation will be used for Outcomes 2 and 3, with learners preparing the presentation, delivering it and evaluating feedback. An exemplar instrument of assessment and marking guidelines have been produced for this Unit.

The ability to deliver effective presentations is a valuable skill and this Unit is about developing the practical skills for using presentation hardware and software, researching the topic and presenting the facts. It is also about the skills a public speaker needs to develop in terms of reading and handling an audience, delivery style, non-verbal communication and how to control nervousness. Visiting speakers would be an appropriate way to develop students’ skills and knowledge.

There are opportunities to link the Unit with Information and Communication Technology in Business (HP7A 48) Outcome 5.