Advanced Diploma in Business

HP76 47 : International Marketing: An Introduction

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit, with two Outcomes, is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of the marketing techniques applicable to different international markets.

Efforts should be made to incorporate a variety of assessment techniques such as written reports, projects, oral presentations, role plays and case studies.

In Outcome 1 students are required to explain and justify reasons for international market selection; describe information sources for international market selection; outline international markets in terms of political, sociological, technological and environmental (PESTEL) factors; and explain an international marketing selection process. 

In Outcome 2 students are required to evaluate methods of accessing international markets and explain and justify decision making criteria for entry to international markets.

An integrative approach to assessment is encouraged. There is an opportunity to integrate the assessment for Outcomes 1 and 2, or alternatively, a separate assessment covering each Outcome could be used. Whether assessment of Outcomes is integrated or assessed separately all Evidence Requirements within the Unit must be covered. 

Students could be given appropriate scenarios in the form of case studies on which to base extended responses to cover the requirements of the Unit.