Advanced Diploma in Business

HP7A 48 : Information and Communication Technology in Business

Course Description

This 2-credit Unit is designed to develop students’ knowledge and skills in identifying, evaluating, managing and presenting business information to facilitate and influence decision-making. 

There are five Outcomes:

Outcome 1 — students are required to identify and evaluate the role of business information in decision making.

Outcome 2 — students are required to describe and evaluate data communications system security and new ICT innovations.

Outcome 3 — students are required to plan project development work using project management software to meet client needs. 

Outcome 4 — students are required to schedule project development work using project management software to meet client needs.

Outcome 5 — students are required to create a presentation using appropriate presentation software.

Assessment of Outcomes 1, 2 and 3 can be linked, using an appropriate case study. Outcome 3 requires the use of Project Management software. Outcome 4 is a practical activity based on Outcome 3 and the evidence presented as a report. Outcome 5 is a practical assignment using presentation software. This Outcome could be linked with the Unit Business: Graded Unit 2 (HP7D 48).

In the course of this Unit students should be able to pull together concepts and ideas from various other Units such as Behavioural Skills for Business (J1E5 48), Business Culture and Strategy (HP6R 48) and Business: Graded Unit 2 (HP7D 48).