Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6R 48 : Business Culture and Strategy

Course Description

This 2-credit Unit builds on Managing People and Organisations (HP71 47) from Year 1 and enhances students’ understanding of business strategy and culture. There are five Outcomes and a holistic approach may be taken to all five Outcomes. A single instrument of assessment can be issued in the form of a case study or an investigation into an organisation of choice. Tutors should ensure any chosen organisation will offer sufficient evidence to cover the full range. Students should be familiar with their chosen organisation and ensure they can easily gather data required to complete all Outcomes. Clear guidelines should be issued for the investigative report.

It is advisable tutors monitor student progress and offer formative assessment feedback after completion of each Outcome. If students research an organisation of choice, then they should be encouraged to present their findings to the class group. This provides an insight into the strategy and culture of a variety of organisations and enhances student learning. It also provides the opportunity to develop Core Skills in Communication and Problem Solving.

Outcome 1 examines how management analyse the organisation’s relationship with its external environment.

Outcome 2 assesses the relationship between organisational culture and organisational behaviour. 

Outcome 3 explains the influence of business strategy on organisational behaviour.

Outcome 4 explains how to manage business strategy.

Outcome 5 analyses how to manage change within an organisation.