Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6X 47 : Business Contractual Relationships

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit develops students’ knowledge of the law as it applies to the business environment. It examines consumer legislation, the law in employment and the Law of Obligations.

It has three Outcomes:

Outcome 1 explains the key statutory provisions relating to consumer protection — Sales of Goods, Unfair Contract Terms, Consumer Credit, False and Misleading Trade Descriptions and Product Liability.

Outcome 2 explains the key elements of the law in employment — contract of employment, dismissal and termination, discrimination.

Outcome 3 explains the key elements of the law of obligation — general principles of delict, negligence and defences.

Assessment for all three Outcomes may be based on case studies. Assessments may be integrated. Students may compile responses from their own research. Useful websites are and