Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6M 47 : Personal Development Planning

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit helps students take responsibility for their own learning and development. It provides an opportunity to develop the personal and general skills and qualities which employers seek in the workplace and which are increasingly recognised as underpinning success in personal life, in citizenship and in lifelong learning.

This Unit has three Outcomes but should be assessed holistically. Students should create, maintain and present a portfolio of evidence — a personal development portfolio. The activities associated with the Unit should provide ample opportunities for students to generate and gather the required evidence of achievement.

Through a process of Personal Development Planning students will identify their skills, abilities and development needs and review these in the context of their own personal, educational and career aims. They will devise a personal action plan, then undertake and evaluate that plan. They will gather, organise and present evidence of each stage of the plan — including personal reviews — in their personal development portfolio.

In Outcome 1 students will create and maintain a personal development portfolio and a personal action plan.

In Outcome 2 students will implement their personal action plan.

In Outcome 3 students will monitor and evaluate their plan and its implementation.

The personal development portfolio should contain a record of the tasks and activities that the student has undertaken, together with the outputs/evidence arising from the tasks. Students should be encouraged to respond to the review questions — What did I do? What did I learn? What should I do now?