Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6N 47 : Marketing: An Introduction

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit gives a broad introduction to marketing. There are two Outcomes which should be incorporated in an integrated project. Students are required to produce a report which explains the nature of marketing and the marketing decisions taken in relation to an organisation of their choice.

The report should include an introduction that provides some brief information about the organisation they have chosen and the key characteristics of the marketing concept. Students will be required to explain the organisation’s micro and macro environment. Students will explain why market research is important for the organisation, and two examples of how the organisation could collect and use market research. The examples must include one qualitative and one quantitative technique. The report will then cover an explanation of the importance and benefits of market segmentation and targeting to the organisation and the process that the organisation may use to segment and target the market. An explanation of marketing theory, supported by examples of the following, should also be included:

  • Product mix decisions that the organisation has taken.
  • Place — how the organisation makes the product or service available to the customer, eg channels of distribution.
  • The pricing methods used by the organisation.
  • The organisation’s Promotional mix.
  • The importance to the organisation of the role of People, Process and Physical evidence in the marketing of products or services.

The report should also show how the organisation’s marketing mix responds to changing market conditions.

The Unit may be assessed in a variety of ways, eg by a separate assessment for each Outcome. Both assessments may take place under controlled conditions and be designed to encourage students to relate marketing theory to relevant examples. Alternatively, there is the opportunity to integrate the assessment of Outcomes 1 and 2. This could be done under open-book conditions and would be based on a case study, project or other stimulus material.