Advanced Diploma in Business

HP71 47 : Managing People and Organisations

Course Description

This 2-credit Unit consists of four Outcomes and assessment is based on a case study of a real or fictitious organisation. Students would normally be given 2–3 weeks to research and prepare their submissions. Tutors could use questioning to authenticate learning and ensure responses are the students’ own work.

One case study can be used for assessment of all Outcomes but it would be recommended that students submit each Outcome separately. This approach helps students manage their assessment load, plus students benefit from tutor feedback and reflective learning. 

In Outcome 1, students focus on the characteristics and purpose of the organisation and its environment. They will understand the importance of organisational goals, objectives and policy, the influence of key stakeholders and strategies of control.

In Outcome 2, students will analyse factors that contribute to workplace performance. They will consider theoretical models and relate to individual performance and motivation. Teamwork should be encouraged and students given the opportunity to reflect on factors contributing to their team’s performance in tasks set. Team tasks could be set that encourage students to work together researching and presenting key theories. In addition to the use of structured questions, some form of group assessment could be used to add value to team work.

In Outcome 3, students will analyse factors that influence managerial performance. They will examine the roles and activities of managers, ways to measure managerial performance and theories of leadership. There is scope to integrate with Outcome 2 and use team tasks to assist with research activities and help students explore the effectiveness of different leadership styles. Structured questions could be supplemented by evidence from team work. Students should be encouraged to submit evidence of reflective learning on their team/leader’s performance, eg what did they do well, what could they improve on, action plan for improvements. 

In Outcome 4, students are required to identify and compare alternative approaches to organising people and activities within the workplace. Tutors should ensure there is enough scope within the case study or real organisation to evidence this. The organisation should be one that would benefit from restructuring and provide students will scope to cover the range required and present an alternative structure.