Advanced Diploma in Business

HP78 47 : IT in Business: Spreadsheets

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit is designed to develop an understanding of spreadsheet design and how to use spreadsheet features and functions for practical use within a business organisation. There are three Outcomes and open-book conditions should be used for the assessment.

Students are required to design and create a spreadsheet to meet the needs of a business. This may be based on a hypothetical case study or real-life situation. Students must apply statistical functions and present information in an appropriate format including graphically. Students are also required to evaluate the information acquired and comment meaningfully on the implications for the business.

It is possible to carry out assessment for all Outcomes (1, 2 and 3) using a single case study broken down into a number of smaller tasks. The assessment evidence may be presented in a variety of forms, eg hard copies of screenshots, e-portfolio, stored on data stick etc. 

There is scope to link the assessment to other Units, eg Information Technology: Application Software 1 (HP6L 47).