Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6L 47 : Information Technology: Applications Software 1

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit is designed to enable students to use Information Technology (IT) systems and applications independently to support a range of information processing activities and to develop a broad knowledge of the theoretical concepts of IT applications.

There are two Outcomes:

Outcome 1 focuses on operating a range of IT equipment independently, giving attention to security and to other users. 

In Outcome 2 students use a range of software application packages to meet complex information requirements.

Assessment is largely practical and lends itself to a single assessment containing a number of tasks in the form of a project or case study. An observation checklist should be used for Outcome 1. Outcome 2 requires students to use four or more software packages, and to integrate two or more different data types, eg text, number, graphics, audio or video. Examples of software applications which may be used include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook and the Internet. 

There is scope to link assessment to other Units, eg IT in Business: Spreadsheets (HP78 47).