Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6P 48 : Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application

Course Description

In the second half of Year 1, the introductory Unit in Economics — Economic Issues: An Introduction (HP6T 47) — is followed by the higher level Unit Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application (HP6P 48). It is strongly recommended that the introductory Unit in Economics is passed before progression to this Unit.

This 1-credit Unit is designed to build on students’ knowledge of introductory economics and expose them to micro-economic and macro-economic applications of theory. The Unit allows the introduction of current issues in economics and provides an opportunity for students to analyse and evaluate these issues.

There are three Outcomes for this Unit.

In Outcome 1 students are required to explain the costs of the firm and the market structures within which firms operate. Areas to be covered are costs of the firm, market structures, price and output behaviour, profit maximisation, and alternatives to profit maximisation.

In Outcome 2 students are required to analyse the impact of unemployment and inflation. Areas to be covered are types of unemployment, types of inflation, the impact of unemployment on individuals and businesses, and the impact of inflation on individuals and businesses. Recent trends in unemployment and in inflation are relevant to this analysis.

In Outcome 3 students are required to evaluate government use of macro-economic policy. Areas to be covered are the aims of fiscal policy, fiscal policy methods in the UK, aims of monetary policy, monetary policy methods in the UK and supply-side policies.

Assessment of Outcome 1 will take place in unsupervised conditions and may take the form of an investigative exercise. Assessment of Outcomes 2 and 3 of this Unit will take place in controlled conditions and may be assessed by questions based on stimulus material. Students will be permitted to use a specified amount of their own notes.