Advanced Diploma in Business

HP73 47 : Creating a Culture of Customer Care

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit enables students to recognise and evaluate effective customer care. The Unit emphasises that customer care is a key area of importance and value to organisations and is, therefore, critical to the work of every employee.

There are two Outcomes and student evidence can be gathered in a variety of ways, eg presentations, case study analysis, structured questions, oral questioning, e-portfolio, etc.

Outcome 1 focuses on the analysis of the factors which contribute to a culture of customer care and the achievement of high standards of customer care.

In Outcome 2 students apply these principles to an organisation and evaluate its customer care strategy.

There is scope to link assessment to other Units, eg Continuous Workforce Development (HP77 47). Students could select customer care as a topic for their training plan and training materials could be used in a student portfolio.