Advanced Diploma in Business

HP75 47 : Communication: Business Communication

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit is designed to help students analyse, summarise, evaluate and produce complex written communication. It also develops students’ skills in presenting and responding to complex oral business information. It is recommended this Unit be taught and assessed within the Business subject area. The practical skills developed and assessed in this Unit may be integrated with other Units.

There are three Outcomes, which may be integrated with elements of the course requiring the analysis and production of complex written and/or oral communication.

Outcome 1 analyses and evaluates complex written business information and develops skills in reading and analysing complex text, summarising key information and evaluating the suitability of written text for its purpose.

Outcome 2 assists students in the production of complex written business documents. It covers selection of relevant information, sequencing for impact and effectiveness, appropriateness of language and style for formal business documents. Within the documents spelling, punctuation and grammar should be accurate. Students are also required to reference sources.

Outcome 3 requires students to present and respond to complex oral information in a business context. Students will plan and deliver an input to a formal business related event. The event may take the form of a meeting, event, webinar, etc.

It is possible to integrate Outcome 2 and Outcome 3, combining the report and meeting/event. Tutors should be advised setting up the meetings/events can be time consuming and it is recommended the report is marked at key stages and students given constructive feedback. For each Outcome, assessment is undertaken in open-book conditions. Centres should ensure the authenticity of students’ work.