Advanced Diploma in Business

HP6Y 47 : Business Law: An Introduction

Course Description

This 1-credit Unit is designed to introduce students to law within a business environment. It is specifically focused on Scots Law but may take into account some aspects of English Law.

The Unit examines sources of Scots Law and contractual relationships.

There are three Outcomes.

Outcome 1 explains the main sources of Scots Law, Outcome 2 explains the law of contract and Outcome 3 distinguishes the legal characteristics of the various types of business relationships: sole trader, partnership, registered company, Limited Liability Company.

The Unit may be taught by using reported cases from current law journals and other relevant sources. Students should be encouraged to gather information from various sources, eg the internet, journals and newspapers and use these in class discussions.

Assessment for all three Outcomes may take the form of open-book assessments based on a case study and/or restricted response questions. Students may compile their responses from their own research. Useful websites are and