Telenor MBA Scholarship Program is part of Telenor’s CSR program to fulfil the country’s need for human capital growth. As a Telenor Scholar, the person will have a chance to study in the MBA Programme from the University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) which is provided by Myanmar Metropolitan College (MMC). The scholar(s) will also have a chance to learn practical and up-to-date knowledge, relevant to the telecom industry from Telenor senior experts.
The Program is open to the public and aims to
    • Provide MBA in Strategic ICT Management certificate in addition to general MBA certificate from foreign-affiliated university.
    • Create shared valued as an enabler for human resource growth for the telecommunication industry and Myanmar economy
There will be three rounds of the selection process:
    1. English proficiency test
    2. Scholarship exam (3 hours)
    3. Scholarship interview (Selection committee consisting of Telenor & MMC representatives)
Myanmar citizens who meet the criteria for the UBIS-MMC MBA program can apply.
For more information, please contact