Myanmar Metropolitan College (MMC) was established in 2013 with the vision of returning education in Myanmar back to the high international reputation that the country's universities used to enjoy. Embarking on this necessarily long-term vision, the college focuses on a holistic learning approach, using unique teaching methods such as game-based, project-based and problem-based learning, to nurture a new generation of creative, innovative and practical individuals for a dynamic world, especially for the development of Myanmar.

From its campus in downtown Yangon, MMC reaches a diverse student body and has been the first private college in Myanmar to create a 3S (Scholarship, Study Grant, Study Loan)  program for deserving and underprivileged students. Through its focus on improving educational quality and delivering a robust, real-world education, MMC has been able to assemble experienced multinational faculty and in partnership with leading international universities. Our strong business networks also support genuine opportunities for our students’ career development.

So, get ready for your future at MMC where learning comes alive.


To see Myanmar once again become a leader in quality and innovative education.


To nurture a creative and ambitious generation to contribute to the development of Myanmar and be able to compete on the world stage.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide affordability and accessibility to all those who value quality education
  • Provide students with a unique, holistic learning experience to support their career and personal aspirations and to build good global citizens
  • Achieve international recognition for a robot, student-centered, project- and problem-based learning techniques
  • Engage the business community and industry to ensure our students possess relevant skills for success in any industry
  • Spearhead dialogue and scholarship between international and national faculty scholars and experts


  1. We believe school is a subset of lifelong learning. Thus, we equip our students with a solid foundation to lifelong learning and train them to become self-directed learners.
  2. We provide a holistic approach to education, focusing on subject-related knowledge and skills, generic skills, values and principles to educate the minds of our students.
  3. Our faculty consists of dedicated multinational lecturers who possess international qualifications and experiences. 
  4. We engage our students using unique pedagogies such as problem-based, project-based, and game-based learning and also with a variety of student life activities.
  5. We prepare our students for employability through programs such as internship, corporate-link projects and series of employability workshops.