Course Title Course Duration Course Description
Personal Effectiveness Skills
  • Analyze personal role and responsibilities towards team’s success
  • Examine SWOT Analysis and develop strategies for self‐improvement as well as contribution towards the team’s success
  • Plan, organize and execute work activities to achieve team’s goals
  • Develop a learning culture and system for self and team
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Planning and Organizing Skills


  • Manage time and priorities for self and subordinate
  • Organize tasks for self and subordinates according to deliverable
  • Set up people and resources to tasks for efficiency and effectivenes
  • Organize resources to cope with problems or contingencies


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Effective Communication


  • Communicate organizational policies and procedures to staff for compliance and acceptanc
  • Use appropriate communication techniques and tools to suit different communication styles of people in formal and informal setting
  • Listen with empathy by putting self in others’ shoes, but communicate firmly with result‐focus, objective style for team performanc
  • Present to others (customers, colleagues, superiors) to convince or persuade


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Supervising Others


  • Organize tasks according to deliverable
  • Set up people and resources to tasks for efficiency and effectivenes
  • Evaluate decisions for impact, rationality and suitabilit
  • Manage Employee Motivation


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Facilitate Teams Effectively


  • Involve team members in the work activities starting from the planning stage to promote ownership and commitmen
  • Delegate responsibilities according to the competencies of team member
  • Provide resources and assistance needed by team members to complete their job activitie
  • Analyse post‐discussions to ascertain team performance and provide feedback to team members


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Problem Solving & Decision Making


  • Recognize symptom(s) that could lead to potential problem(s) at the workplac
  • Analyse deviations from SOPs based on symptom(s) identifie
  • Analyse the possible root causes(s) of the problem(s) using appropriate tools and technique
  • Facilitate generation of solutions to solve problem(s) among team member
  • Evaluate for the most practical solution using appropriate tools and criteri
  • Develop an action p an to implement the chosen solution(s
  • Assess the effectiveness of the action plan and initiate corrective actions where necessary towards self and the tea
  • Develop preventive measure(s) to avoid recurrence of similar problem(s) as a team


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Emotional Competence in Leaders



  • Examine your own strengths and weaknesses to aid in development of your emotional intelligence to work effectively with other
  • Assess the emotional climate of the environment, recognize the emotional strengths and weaknesses of individuals and exercise flexibility and adaptability in dealing with the
  • Manage your own emotions and maintain composure, self-confidence and resilience when dealing with challenges and setback
  • Demonstrate empathy by acknowledging the feelings and perspectives of others taking into consideration their culture, background and need
  • Develop an action plan to improve own’s emotional competencies


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Empower and Delegate Your Job



  • Organize tasks according to deliverable
  • Set up people and resources to tasks for efficiency and effectivenes
  • Manage time and priorities for self and subordinate
  • Learn the basic of planning, time management, teamwork and delegation
  • Improve the overall performance of each employee that will create positive impact to the organization


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Personal Grooming



  • Dress with style and professionalism in accordance with the company’s corporate brandin
  • Master the fundamentals of professionalism and business etiquett
  • Learn the art of looking confident, friendly and approachable through our body language


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Effective Communication Skills (for staff)



  • Build rapport with others using different communication styl
  • Understand the role of body language and voice tone in effective communication
  • Understand the importance of active listening in effective communicatio
  • Speak clearly to convey the main or important points


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Business English (Intermediate Level)



  • Communicate with others in practical, business-oriented situation
  • Express themselves in English with greater fluency and confidenc
  • Handle themselves in English in a variety of business contexts, from socializing, to day-to-day management, making presentations, and conducting meeting
  • Develop an action plan for the next 6 months to develop English proficiency


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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing



  • Refresh and develop key Marketing development skill
  • Improve marketing management methods and empower your team to succee
  • Drive marketing performance, optimise the sales /marketing funnel and improve sales / marketing performance and result
  • Overcome objections and win over potential buyer
  • Build lasting relationship with client
  • Identify the root causes of issues with clients and offer the best solutions/service
  • Develop strategic customer relationship management


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